The Preharvest Staging App is an essential addition to the modern farmer’s toolkit.

  A preharvest weed control application of a Roundup® brand agricultural herbicide is an excellent management strategy to not only control perennial weeds, but to facilitate harvest management and get a head start on next year’s crop.

The Preharvest Staging Guide App will help you make smart agronomic decisions for your crop during the crucial preharvest stage. With it you can easily find tips and advice to help you quickly and accurately stage your crop and weeds, setting you up for success this harvest. It’s stocked with staging information and recommendations for each of the crops and weeds currently on label, and is primed to help you maximize your herbicide investment while keeping your production clean and safe.

Bayer is dedicated to providing technological solutions to growers through continued research and development. The Preharvest Staging App provides useful staging and application information in an accessible format to assist with key decisions on-farm. Features such as the herbicide calculator and note-taking tool help make the app an invaluable part of your farming toolkit.

You can download the Preharvest Staging App from the App Store or Google Play. It is available in both English and French, iOS and Android compatible.

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